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Frp Doors

Sstar Frp Doors

Sstar frp doors are manufacturing base raw material as fiberglass(CSM) mat and unsaturated polyester resin make in frp door skin, The Frp door skin not absorb in water, also sstar frp doors closed on six sides all around of fibre skin. The door is inside of material wood covered in all round in door and Polyurethane foam high density covered in wood balance areas,The door is build up moulds additionally protection in water. The door is making as per Indian stranded IS: 12486:2000.

Sstar Frp Sheet

Sstar frp sheet manufacturing producing profile of asbestos amphibole cement sheet, Galvanized or industrial corrugated furrowed roof sheets to allow uniform diffused lighting sheets and pline sheet. Our products FRP Roofing Sheet, FRP Transparent Sheet, FRP Plain Sheet,FRP Base Plate, FRP Decorative Sheet, FRP Corrugated Sheet, FRP Multi colour Sheets also all kind of FRP Sheets and Fiberglass Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier.

Frp sheets
Frp Grating

Sstar Frp Grating

Sstar frp grating a composite material manufactured by combining a matrix of resin and fiberglass is used in many different applications in industrial plant and commercial and residential building. Frp moulded gratings do not require any special care in maintenance. Sstar frp offers durable Grating Systems to various industries of Chemical processing area, Food and Beverage area, Oil and Gas exploration and refining area, Power and electrical energy area, Pharmaceuticals, Waste water Treatment area, Cooling Towers, Rooftop Walkways.

Sstar Frp Gutter

Sstar Frp gutter are used as drainage rainwater from construction roofs or terrace advantage of long-lasting improvement in groundwater quality a part of material harvesting in simple method installation. FRP gutter is best alternatives for ms gutter, lining ms valley gutter.frp rainwater gutter that are best alternatives for traditional M.S. /A.c Gutter use in industrial buildings. It is a corrosion resistant and all weather proof. It is easy and quick to install. It reduces the structural cost to a large extent because it is light weight. We make them in different profiles.

Frp Gutter
Frp Tank

Sstar Frp Tank

Water and chemicals storage dual laminate frp tank manufacturers commercial and industrial buildings.We are capable of making available these products FRP Chemical Storage Tanks FRP Acid Storage Tank and FRP GRP Water Storage Tanks hot and chilled water storage Tank.

Sstar Frp Lining

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic lining as durability and safety inside of MS tanks and RCC tanks. Owing to their leak proof nature, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy, these sheets are widely demanded by the customers. We offer these sheets in various sizes as per the requirements of our customers.Commercial and industrial building roof rainwater gutter applying in frp coating and lining work contractors

Frp lining

Advantage Of Sstar Frp Products

Cost Effective


High tensile Strength

Light Weight

Long Lasting

Termite proof

Fire Retardant

Rot Resistant



highly durable



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frp door is most usage area in bathroom bedroom balcony Advantages benefits of waterproof Termite proof material.

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frp lining is best in leak proof works and acid proof material.

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