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Orthophthalic Resin (GP RESIN) Orthophthalic polyester Resin is most often referred to as General Purpose or general purpose polyester Resin in India. General purpose polyester Resin is primarily used as a laminating resin in the "Hand Layup" style of application. Available both in non-accelerated and pre-accelerated form, a product made with general purpose polyester Resin exhibits, Excellent Abrasion and Impact Resistance and Average Chemical and Salt Water Resistance. The resin offers excellent mechanical properties, impact and water resistance. The glass fibre laminate made with this resin has excellent mechanical strength, good rigidity and outstanding durability.

Polyester resin is packed in HDPE carboys (25, 35kg ) and epoxy coated steel drums HDPE barrels ( 220 kg ) of standard size net weight. Special packing size offered for projects.

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